Monday, June 13, 2011

the Elusive Quest for Self Confidence

Can success be taught? A multi-billion dollar self help industry says it can.

How do you define success? How do you measure it? How do you accomplish it?

One of the paths to success is believing in yourself. This isn't as easy as it sounds, though for some it's easier than others.

Regardless of where you are on that spectrum, there are a few things you can do to succeed.

Taking the points from this Huffington Post article:
HuffPost: Four Ways to Build Self Confidence

1. You are unique.
You have something to offer that no one else does. Your upbringing and experience in life as well as your thoughts along the way give you a unique perspective that you shouldn't belittle. Even though it is a hard thing to believe, considering the billions of people in the ever-shrinking world, it is imperative that you realize this.
It's pretty easy to look at those who are successful and think, well of course they succeeded. They are amazing. They weren't always amazing. They were most likely as unsure about their path as you are, at least at some point in their life. Which leads to...

2. Get over your fears. There are any number of reasons why you will fail, why you aren't suited to accomplish your goals. In fact, every single humans has fears that could hold them back. Though it is easier said than done, don't let those fears stop you. They will stay fears if you don't confront them. I mean, unless your fear involves bodily harm like jumping off a building, you should be able to confront those fears. In most cases, fearing is worse than when the fear comes true. It would suck to lose a loved one, to get fired, to have people laugh at you. But when you are on the other side of trials they seem a lot less daunting. And you? You'll realize that you are stronger than you realized. That boosts self esteem.

3. Accomplish something. Sometimes you just need to break up that big daunting goal into little ones. Perhaps it's hard to become an actor, but is it hard to pick up a paper and see the opportunities? Is it too hard to go to an interview? Accomplishing something little is sometimes tied into fears. Getting something done reminds us that we can. It breaks the cycle of inaction and lets us feel successful, at least in the attempt.

4. Be positive. Life will always suck sometimes. And what we remember is our choice. Be positive about life's experiences. There is always a bright side, so find it. You will be happier. And happiness leads to getting more done. Whereas sadness and depression tends to lead to inactivity.

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